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In My Ruthless Edit Era

Create more room in your life for happiness, quiet & contentment.

I was recently introduced to the philosophy of "Addition by Subtraction." 

Truthfully, it's not so much a new idea, but rather a catchy rebranding of the classic principle - less is more. Either way, I'm buying in.  Read on to strategically, and ruthlessly, make room for what really matters. 

Simplified Spaces

Tackle paperwork with a minimalist mindset. Digitize where possible, discard what's unnecessary, and create an organized system that works for you. Extend this ethos to your kitchen and living spaces – keep only what brings you joy and functionality. Let simplicity and purpose guide your decor choices, creating a space that is uniquely you.

Cultivating Meaningful Connections

Evaluate your connections. Nurture relationships that uplift and inspire you, and gracefully distance yourself from toxic energies. Assess your commitments – focus on quality over quantity. By trimming the excess, you create room for deeper, more meaningful connections and engagements. 

Strategic Living

In the realm of material possessions, adopt a strategic approach. Evaluate your real estate portfolio – whether it's investment properties, land, or homes. Consider what truly aligns with your goals and values. "Addition by Subtraction" here means optimizing your holdings, ensuring they contribute positively to your life and future. Simplify your property management, freeing up mental and financial resources for endeavors that matter most.



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