Getting Your Home Ready for Sale: A Step-by-Step Guide



Just like anything else, selling your home will go a lot more smoothly if you've got a plan. I'll be your biggest ally in getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. We'll start the pre-listing process with a consultation to go over any updates, repairs or professional services needed before putting your home on the market. This also gives me an opportunity to get to know you, your goals and your home so I can build a custom marketing strategy.


First impressions are everything. If the exterior of your home is lackluster, why would potential buyers want to see what lurks behind closed doors? You definitely don't need to invest big bucks into landscaping - neat and cheerful will do the trick.

  • Clean up. Store toys, ditch any past-its-prime lawn furniture, mow the lawn, prune hedges, weed garden beds, edge driveway and pressure wash everything.

  • Touch up. Touch up any chipped paint on railings and consider painting the front door for a mini face lift.

  • Final touches. If the season permits, plant some colorful blooms in the garden and put a pot by the front door. If you struggle to keep plants alive, try boxwoods in matching pots on either side of the front door. They look fresh and beautiful all year long and can tolerate sketchy gardeners.


Now that the exterior is looking fresh, it's time to move inside and get down to business. Decluttering is often the most time-consuming part of the pre-listing process but, when done right, will set you up for an easier move.

  • Start with the least sentimental items in your home, like in bathrooms and the kitchen, and work your way towards more emotional items.

  • In every space you work in - whether an entire room or a single drawer - make three piles: Keep, Toss (or donate), Pack. Then get sorting.

  • Keep only the things that you either use every day or will work for final staging.

  • Anything you plan on keeping but don't need for staging (see: knickknacks) should be neatly packed away, ready for your move.

  • Don't skip closets or cabinets. Buyers will look and an overstuffed closet screams, "there's not enough space!" Not the message you want to send.


Take decluttering one step further and depersonalize. Pack up family photos, kids' artwork or anything polarizing - think political campaign signs. The goal is to create a clean, neutral space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in.


Repaint any bold colored walls to something more neutral. If your home already boasts a spa-like color palette, still consider a fresh coat of paint if the walls are marked up. This relatively small investment will pay off in spades.


No home is perfect and a good inspector will be sure to remind you of that. Put your best foot forward by taking care of any small repairs before the home inspector shows up. While your buyers likely aren't expecting a clean report, minimal issues reads as a well-maintained home. If you suspect there may be problems with major systems (HVAC, electric, etc), moisture or insects, I highly recommend getting a pre-listing inspection to avoid costly surprises and allow you to take care of any major issues before having a buyer on the line.


Scrub grout, wash windows, wipe down doors and trim and make everything sparkle. A clean home is inviting, smells great and, again, keeps up a well-maintained appearance.


You're almost there. Take a look around and edit down a little more if you can. For final staging, stick to a few beautiful books, a well-placed throw and some fresh, green plants. If your furnishings have seen better days, especially if you don't plan on taking them with you, it might make sense to find a new home for your well-loved sofa and rent a few furniture pieces while your house is on the market. If your budget allows, a professional stager can work magic in just about any space. A fresh pair of eyes can help create the best flow from space to space and highlight your home's best assets.


Bring on the buyers! You're still living in your home and living comes with normal life things that your potential buyers don't care to see. Keep an empty basket at the ready to load up anything unsightly and take it with you when you clear out for showings. And there will be many after all your hard work. Think laundry, toothbrushes that normally sit on the counter, dog toys. Toss it in the back of your car and wait for the offers to roll it.


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