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Mother's Day Gift Guide: for the Homebody

Flowers and brunch are beautiful, but fleeting. If you really want to knock the slippers off the home-loving Mom in your life, take a peek at my gift guide.


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Not sure what to pick?

  1. If she lights a candle every evening before settling in with a glass of wine or cup of tea, go for the Anthropologie Capri Blue candle. It's something she probably won't buy for herself. Bonus points if you pair it with a candle care kit.

2. If she loves a good backyard barbecue, surrounded by friends and family, pick up the Hearth & Hand cooler. She will love to load this up with drinks.

3. If she walks in the door and immediately puts on something comfy, then Lake p-jams will be her jam. They are unbelievably soft and come packaged in the most beautiful box.

4. Does she love artwork? I feel like you can never go wrong with a bird. But if she's got a favorite artist or a piece she's been eyeing, pick it up for her.

5. Does she always have music playing? Pick up a pretty Crosby record player and an album or two. Nothing beats that vinyl crackle.

6. With summer days on the horizon, these viral sunglasses are an easy win.

7. If she loves flowers, pick up a bouquet of her favorites and place them in a lovely stoneware vase. The flowers will fade, but she'll use the vase forever. (And appreciate the thoughtful gesture).

8. Want to bolster that candle gift? Add a candle care kit.

9. If she loves to read or rearrange the bookshelves, a beautiful coffee table book will be right up her ally.


Swing by Mad River in Southport. They've got it all.



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