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An Easy, Breezy Summer Bucket List

Every year I greet the summer with delusions of grandeur.

This summer, I'm taking it easy.

I'm not sure why the warmer air tricks me into believing that I'm an entirely different person. I dream of lavish vacations, home renovations and an endless string of leisurely days with the kids. Perhaps it's a mirage.

But in fact, I'll work harder to juggle work and parenting. Inspired renovations are replaced by purely functional home repairs. And between camps and groceries (ohmygod the amount on groceries two kids can consume), we'll be having our fun close to home. Lucky for us, home is practically vacation anyway.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Magic Mountain waterslides at Holden Beach

  2. Sunrise breakfast picnic on the beach

  3. Day trip to Bald Head Island

  4. Search for shark teeth on Holden Beach

  5. Attend a concert at Middleton Park, Oak Island

  6. Watch the Southport 4th of July parade

  7. Go for a night swim (pool only - no shark bait here!)

  8. Find the best ice cream in Brunswick County

  9. Spend the day at Huntington Beach State Park, SC

  10. Host a family & friends sandcastle competition. Offer a cash prize

  11. Learn a new hobby - pickle ball and flower pressing are at the top of my list

  12. Ride a tandem bicyle

  13. Spend the evening on the Carolina Beach boardwalk. Grab a donut from Britt's.

  14. Go crabbing in the Davis Canal, Oak Island

  15. Have a DIY family photoshoot. Hand the camera over to the kids for some real magic.

Cheers to a slow summer,



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