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Coasting Into Summer

The sweetest memories all live in a gloriously hazy and unhurried summer.

While times have changed, summer hasn't aged. The smell of chlorine and grass fertilizer. The sound of screen doors slamming and the symphony of insects that rises with the setting sun. A string of seemingly endless days, where we turn golden under the sun and linger just a little longer with friends.

As a kid, summer felt like an eternity. But time has taught me that nothing gold can stay.

So we'll savor these days the best we can in a town that was made for perfectly slow summer.

Take it Easy

Stay tuned for....

the best ice cream spots in BrunsCo.,

playlists with just the right vibe,

communities with the best pools,

backyard gatherings,

concerts in the park,

movies on the lawn,

farmers' markets,

summer house hunting survival guide,

cocktails for kicking back,

staycation inspiration,

tandem bike rides,

and everything summer.

Coasting Into Summer | Southport, NC



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Pretty houses, messy kids & a snapshot of life along North Carolina's southern coast. 

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